Streamlining the Drug Testing Process: Solutions for Large Companies

Do you have more employees than you know what to do with? Lucky you! However, you may need more than luck in drug testing, especially with a larger organization.

The Rise of Drug Positivity Rates

In 2022, the combined U.S. workforce urine drug positivity for all drugs persisted at 4.6%, the highest level in two decades. The number of positive post-accident marijuana tests has increased by 9% compared to 2021, according to a recent analysis by Quest Diagnostics. 

Both pre-employment and post-accident drug positivity rates have steadily increased. Quest Diagnostics reported that the increase in positivity rates was higher in states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana use.

Source: 2023 Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index

Drug Testing Process

An employer’s responsibility is to ensure the safety and productivity of their employees. With the rise of workplace drug test positivity rates, developing drug screening programs and a drug-free workplace policy to safeguard your workforce’s well-being is essential.

Employee drug testing serves a vital purpose beyond catching employees off-guard and taking punitive action. The most common types of employee drug testing are:

  1. Pre-employment testing helps employers hire candidates with a drug-free background and typically requires a negative drug test result before an applicant starts working.
  2. Random testing helps deter drug use among employees, instilling the possibility of being tested at any time and promoting a continuous commitment to a drug-free workplace.
  3. Reasonable suspicion is performed when employers have reasonable cause to suspect an employee of drug use.
  4. Post-accident testing helps determine whether drug use played a role, aiding in liability assessment and risk mitigation after a workplace accident.

How MedPhysicals Plus can help you

At MedPhysicals Plus, we take pride in offering a diverse range of drug testing services to meet various business needs. We’ve got you covered in your hiring process and lifted responsibilities off your shoulders.

On-Site Drug Test Services for Businesses

Our expert team at MedPhysicals Plus can complete employee drug tests at your job site or company office, just like we can at our own facilities across the state. We can come to you and save you time to keep your workforce up-to-date while minimizing cost and downtime.

MPP also offers Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing services to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for safety-sensitive positions, safeguarding employees and the public.

Contact MedPhysicals Plus for your employee drug testing services.