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MedPhysicals Plus offers the best employee drug testing solutions in Fairbanks. With a wide variety of options and a professional staff to help you every step of the way.

We take the headache out of pre-employment and employee drug testing and keep your team healthy!

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medphysical plus llc in anchorage offers on site drug testing for pre and post employment drug testing

Employee Drug Testing with MedPhysicals Plus

Employee Drug Testing Services – Ensuring a Safe and Productive Workplace

At MedPhysicals Plus, we understand the importance of maintaining a drug-free workplace to foster a safe, healthy, and productive environment for your employees.

Employee drug testing is a crucial step in achieving this goal, as it helps identify and prevent drug use among employees. Our comprehensive drug testing services are tailored to meet the unique needs of local employers, ensuring that your business remains protected and liability-free.

employee drug testing in anchorage alaska

Employee Safety First

Employee drug testing helps employers maintain a safer, more productive workplace.


Equipment operator

These employees must be absolutely drug-free to safely do their jobs.

Drug-free workplace with MedPhysicals

The Purpose and Benefits of Employee Drug Testing

Employee drug testing serves a vital purpose beyond catching employees off-guard and taking punitive action.

Instead, it aims to establish a workplace safety and accountability culture. By keeping drugs outside the work environment, your employees can lead healthier, safer, and more productive lives.

As a responsible employer, developing drug screening programs to safeguard your workforce’s well-being is essential.

DOT Drug Testing

For companies with DOT-sensitive employees such as CDL drivers, MedPhysicals is the clear choice for mandated drug testing. Our collectors are DOT certified to complete the necessary tests professionally and efficiently to keep your employees moving. MedPhysicals Plus is a full-service DOT servicer so be sure to take a look at our offerings and give us a call today!


Truck Fleet

Keep your crews running safe and smooth!

Our Range of Employee Drug Testing Services

At MedPhysicals Plus, we take pride in offering a diverse range of drug testing services to cater to various business needs. Our services include:

Annual Testing

Regular, annual drug testing ensures that employees maintain a drug-free status throughout their employment, contributing to a consistent and safe work environment.

Corporate Drug Testing

We provide corporate drug testing services to help businesses monitor and maintain a drug-free culture, enhancing productivity and employee well-being.

Random Testing

Random drug testing helps deter drug use among employees, instilling the possibility of being tested at any time and promoting a continuous commitment to a drug-free workplace.

Pre-Employment Testing

Our pre-employment drug testing services assist employers in hiring candidates with a drug-free background, thus mitigating the risk of potential drug-related issues in the future.

DOT Testing

We offer Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing services to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for safety-sensitive positions, safeguarding employees and the public.

Return to Duty Testing

After an employee has completed a drug rehabilitation program or taken leave due to substance abuse, our return to duty testing ensures their readiness to resume work safely.

Post-Accident Testing

In the unfortunate event of an accident in the workplace, our post-accident drug testing helps determine whether drug use played a role, aiding in liability assessment and risk mitigation.

Safeguarding Your Employees and Business

Businesses can incur significant financial losses due to employee drug use, making it imperative to take proactive measures.

Employers can protect their firms and employees from potential harm and liability by implementing a drug screening program and drug testing policy.

Our expert team at MedPhysicals Plus is dedicated to helping your business maximize its potential while prioritizing the health and safety of your workforce.

Contact MedPhysicals Plus for Employee Drug Testing Services

Look no further if you seek reliable and efficient employee drug testing services. MedPhysicals Plus is your trusted partner in maintaining a drug-free workplace and ensuring the well-being of your employees.

For more information and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us at (907) 561-7587.

Let us help you create a safer and more productive workplace through our comprehensive employee drug testing services. Together, we can build a drug-free culture that fosters excellence and prosperity for your organization.

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