From Exam order to completion

MedPhysicals Plus goes the extra mile to ensure that your clients get the best service possible. We are providers for nearly every paramedical vendor available, including the major players APPS and ExamOne. Both of these regional offices can assign cases to MedPhysicals Plus, but to order directly from us, give us a call! We’ll put your case in and get right to work. Once the exam is ordered we’ll start calling the applicant to schedule and complete the exam as soon as we can. You can always call us to check the status of our case or make adjustments as needed.

Remote Collections

MedPhysicals Plus is unique in that we can also arrange remote collections for applicants living beyond reach of our five strategically placed offices. We will reach out to a local clinic in the region and arrange for them to complete the exam on our behalf. We mail the necessary kit and materials to the clinic and instruct them on the process.

This process does have an added cost compared to a traditional exam though. Once we receive an order for a remote exam, we immediately reach our to our billing contacts at your insurance companies with an approval request for the additional cost. We are unable to proceed with the exam until your insurance company approves the fee. Not every case gets approved so be aware!

Reach Out to Us!

You can always talk with a staff member via phone or text. During our business hours you will always be answered by a person, never a machine. Our staff can answer any questions you have and will always go the extra mile to to help you with your need.

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