Hair Follicle Testing

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As a part of our advanced laboratory testing, MedPhysicals Plus is proud to offer hair and nail drug testing! This is an extremely accurate form of drug testing with the longest window of detection available. Our hair and nail tests are court admissible for all types of proceedings.

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hair follicle drug testing in anchorage alaska

Hair and Nail Testing

Scheduling and completing a hair or nail drug test with MedPhysicals Plus is easy and simple! When you arrive for your test, our professional collectors will collect the necessary specimen right away. Please note that treated or dyed hair as well as painted fingernails are not valid specimens. We’ll select another specimen type in these situations and ensure that there is sufficient quantity for testing. With the sample collected we’ll seal the specimen for shipping in your presence and you’re good to go! Once the testing is completed and it has passed review by our review officer, we’ll send the results by fax, email, or even mail to the named recipients.

Medphysicals Plus offers legal-medical services such as paternity DNA testing. Did you also know we offer ChildGuard hair exposure drug testing? Detecting dangerous environments is paramount to keeping a child safe. Testing with ChildGuard can assist where other exposure drug tests fall short. ChildGuard is the only drug test designed to detect passive exposure to drugs, distinguishing between both native drugs and drug metabolites in hair specimens. Contact MedPhysicals Plus to learn more about protecting your loved ones with a safe, noninvasive, hair-based test.


hair follicle testing in anchorage alaska

Hair Sample

Most hair tests require at least 150mg of root hair, roughly shown here.

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