DNA Testing in Anchorage, Alaska

MedPhysicals Plus, LLC offers on-call and at-home DNA testing. DNA testing is performed by taking a sample of hair, blood, or simply using a cotton swab to collect skin cells from the inner cheek. It is then sent to a laboratory where technicians examine the sample and results are sent to the patient. All DNA testing is kept confidential and only the patient will know the results. There are many reasons why someone might want a DNA test, including but not limited to:

  • Determining Risk for Disease
  • Lineage Tracking
  • Paternity & Maternity Tests
  • Prenatal Paternity Testing
  • Grandparentage Test
  • Siblingship DNA Test
  • Immigration DNA
  • Other legal reasons

Paternity or Maternity Test in Anchorage

MedPhysicals Plus offers a mobile collection service for all DNA testing, as well as in our office located at 4141 B. St. Suite 210 Anchorage AK, 99503.

DNA Paternity testing determines the identity of a person’s biological father or mother. If you are in need of the test results for your own curiosity or for legal purposes this test is for you.

Cost: $290.00

Prenatal Paternity Test

A prenatal paternity testing is a method used to establish paternity while pregnant. Postnatal methods, such as Buccal swabs and umbilical cord testing require that a baby is born before paternity can be established. The non-invasive SNP microarray method can be performed as early as 9 weeks after conception.
Paternity of a child can be determined before birth through a simple blood test with the mother and alleged father.

Cost: $1825.00

Grandparent DNA Test

A grandparentage test is used to determine whether a grandmother or grandfather is the true biological grandparent of a child. A grandparentage test is usually used when the parent of the child is not available for testing.
Cost: $390.00

Siblingship DNA Test

A siblingship DNA test can determine whether 2 children share one or both parents or whether they are unrelated.
Cost: $390.00

Immigration DNA Test

Immigration DNA testing will be determined by the type of relationship that is needed to be established and the foreign country where the beneficiary lives.
Cost: Call (907) 561-7587

Ancestry DNA Test

Determines the percentage of Ancestry from 4 different population groups.
Cost: $149.00

Need a Walk-in Blood Labs “near me?”

If your doctor orders a lab test or blood draw that can’t be done in his or her office, Medphysicals Plus has an on-site lab to test blood, perform urinalysis, and complete other standard lab work requests.

* We don’t require a doctors referral to conduct many lab tests including DNA tests.

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