Legal DNA Services

We collect DNA samples with a simple oral (mouth) swab. These samples are sent off to our partner laboratory for processing. Using skin cells from the inside of the cheek, we are able to derive a unique DNA signature that can be compared to other signatures. We can use this method of testing to demonstrate all kinds of legal relationships for legal or personal reasons. Most commonly we perform paternity to verify fatherhood. These test can be used in both prenatal and postpartum scenarios. Our friendly and discreet staff will always offer professional service and assistance for any manner of circumstances.

Other DNA Services

We offer A wide variety of lineage and ancestry DNA tests. With a simple swab, we can determine your geographical ancestry, maternal or paternal lineage, or a personal history assessment. Based on the test type, results may take up to 40 days to process, so schedule today!

We can also do necessary DNA tests for different U.S. immigration cases. This would include needed siblingship tests, parentage and grandparentage tests.

Reach Out to Us!

You can always talk with a staff member via phone or text. During our business hours you will always be answered by a person, never a machine. Our staff can answer any questions you have and will always go the extra mile to to help you with your need.

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