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Keeping your workforce safe and healthy is a top priority for you and your customers. MedPhysicals Plus offers powerful, comprehensive testing options for companies of all sizes. For companies sending employees to or from international destinations, MedPhysicals Plus is the clear choice.

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Company COVID Testing Programs

Customers want to rest assured that when they visit a business, they will be served by professional, safe, and healthy workers. next to home, we spend more time at work, with our coworkers than any other place, so keeping our workplaces COVID-free is of course a huge priority. MedPhysicals Plus offers the most convenient and comprehensive COVID-19 testing service in the state! We offer antigen, NAAT, and RT-PCR tests at all of our locations! Our tests are fast and simple, provided by our highly experienced and professional team. It’s all part of the MedPhysicals Plus Advantage!

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Antigen Test Strip

Antigen tests use lateral flow to isolate DNA

Our Testing Procedures

Once an account has been set up with MedPhysicals Plus, you need only send employees over for your designated test type! Have your employees fill out our online intake form or receive a paper form when they arrive. We’ll collect their sample and run the test right away! Most test results are released in under three hours via secure email. We can send results to a designated employer inbox in addition to the employee’s personal inbox with an additional waiver. Our testing procedure is the fastest and least disruptive in the state!

Access Our Online Intake Forms

We require an intake form be filled in order to take a COVID-19 test at our facility. Each location has a unique form available here. This form will collect your personal and demographic information, your consent to test with us, and your payment information. Your forms are securely stored in our HIPPA-secured and encrypted system. After this, you’re all set to come see us! If, for any reason you are unable to fill out our online form, you can download and fill our paper version below. Otherwise we’ll bring you a paper copy to fill at your appointment time.

Testing Options

Our rapid RT-PCR test is the gold standard for international travel. This test is the most sensitive offering available and is widely accepted throughout the world. With MedPhysicals Plus, we go the extra mile to make sure that travelers reach their destination safely and smoothly.

Our NAAT is another widely accepted test for international travel, particularly with European destinations. This test operates on the same molecular detection principles as our RT-PCR test. The key difference is that a NAAT has faster results. Making it even more convenient for our clients!

The antigen test is our fastest offering for those seeking a quick peace-of mind test. This is especially helpful in recent-exposure cases. Our antigen test is also very popular among our employer services clients. There are also a few countries that accept antigen tests for travel.

Our saliva-based PCR bears the same outstanding reputation as our rapid RT-PCR. All with a simple, painless collection! Saliva samples are collected at your vehicle and shipped to our partner laboratory in Kansas for processing. Due to shipping time, this test takes 2-4 business days to process and have the results released.

This test measures the strength of an individual's COVID-19 nucleocapsid antibody response. This would measure the degree to which an individual demonstrates natural immunity to the virus due to a prior exposure. This test requires a blood sample collection at our office. Processing the sample takes 2-4 business days.

This test measures both the COVID-19 nucleocapsid as well as the spike antibody response. This measures both the degree of natural immunity as well as the effectiveness of inoculation from a COVID-19 vaccine. This test requires a blood sample collection at our office. Processing the sample takes 2-4 business days.


Paper Intake Form

This is a paper version of our online intake form. If you are unable to fill out our online form, print this version and bring it to your appointment.


Sample Results Page

Here is a sample COVID-19 rapid test result. Check this to make sure that our results meet the requirments for your destination.


Rapid COVID Test Flyer

See some MPP advertising material! Download this flyer to see a beautiful summary of our service. Feel free to print it, post it, and share it!


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