Lab Draws at MedPhysicals

Whether you need a blood profile for your upcoming procedure, you have a condition that requires monitoring, or you just want to check your levels on something like electrolytes, testosterone, or estrogen, MedPhysicals is the simple, affordable choice for you! Hospitals and clinics may charge thousands of dollars for even the simplest tests. MedPhysicals offers an alternative option that allows customers to take their health back into their own hands!


Blood vials

Here’s what we collect for a test!

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Specimen Preparation

We carefully label, prep, and pack our samples for shipment.

Scheduling, Billing, and results

Scheduling a test with MedPhysicals is as easy as picking up the phone. Our friendly staff will explain our test availability and walk you through the specifics of your office location. We can set up your appointment quickly and easily!

We don’t bill insurance for our services. By avoiding the massive, complex system of health insurance we are able to keep our costs down and pass these saving on to you! We collect payment via card, cash, or check at the time of service or over the phone prior.

We send results through our secure email server as soon as the specimens are proceessed. Typical process time is 2-5 bsuiness days from the time of service, but can vary based on the tests performed.

Reach Out to Us!

You can always talk with a staff member via phone or text. During our business hours you will always be answered by a person, never a machine. Our staff can answer any questions you have and will always go the extra mile to to help you with your need.

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