National Ice Cream Month The Scoop: Alaskan Ice Cream Akutaq

You may have heard of the state of Alaska but have you heard of Akutaq… 

Join us as we explore the fascinating world of Akutaq, the Alaskan ice cream that takes traditional dessert to a whole new level. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and embark on a mouthwatering journey through this deliciously creamy creation, where culture and flavors blend in a frozen masterpiece.

Chill out; no need for a brain freeze. We have the scoop right here! 

Some Sweet Facts about Akutaq: 

🍦Akutaq means “mix them together” in Yup’ik which is one of the native languages spoken in Alaska.

🍦The traditional version of Akutaq is a mixture of tallow (rendered fat from arctic animals like elk, moose, whale), seal oil, cooked fish and berries.

🍦 There is a coastal style which has no fish. 🙂

🍦Many families have their own version of the recipe so a standard recipe doesn’t necessarily exist. 

Speaking of ice cream, let’s talk about employee appreciation!  Here are some tips on how to appreciate your team with ice cream, whether you bring Akutaq vanilla or rocky road here is how it is mint to be: 

🥄Take a moment to do a toast at the ice cream social and verbally appreciate your coworkers. 

🥄 Consider allergies and preferences. Try for a low sugar flavor, a dairy-free option, a nut free option. 

🥄Go big or go home. Nothing says I appreciate you like whip cream and sprinkles. Be sure to also bring almond milk whip cream. 

🥄 Think about where you will have it… inside and outside and how will clean up go. You don’t want to do extra work for the maintenance team.
🥄 Sweets in shifts? Make sure everyone can get some, whether it is a landscaping business, hospital, or a construction site. How can everyone get their just desserts, keep the workplace safe, and still cover the floor? 

A recipe is available here!

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