Ensuring Workplace Safety: The Importance of Physical Ability Test

How do you know if you are hiring the right worker that can physically perform the essential functions of a job?

A Physical Ability Test (PAT) can help you find employees that are physically capable of the demands of a specific job. Placing employees in challenging and demanding roles that they are not physically able with can increase the chance of workplace injuries and accidents.

The ability to run, jump, and lift weights are all measured in PAT tests. An individual’s coordination or balance, endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and stamina can be measured using a variety of physical ability tests including maintaining a static position such as stooping over a table for an amount of time, lifting a box with weights, and using a static strength measurement.

Importance of Physical Ability Test:

  • Job Fitness – it can detect whether an individual is competent and can help determine an individual’s overall fitness level.
  • Employee productivity – it enables them to work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Reduced workplace injuries – it can help prevent potential injuries and accidents and also reduce potential costs.
  • Legal and Regulatory compliance – there are legal and regulatory standards in place to safeguard worker safety. The ADA and EEOC require that testing be job specific in order to comply and help promote equal opportunities and prevent discrimination in the workplace.

PAT aims to simulate the physical demands of a job description as closely as possible. Qualified medical professionals usually administer the tests and interpret the results accurately.

MedPhysicals Plus is ready to work with you to develop the correct tests for your employees. Our PAT-equipped locations have the necessary equipment to simulate all kinds of job functions. Lifting, shoveling, climbing, or crawling, are some types of tests to make sure that your employees are the right fit.

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