MedPhysicals Plus, LLC Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information: Depending on the type of service that you go to MedPhysicals Plus, LLC, for, you are considered a client or a donor. We do not see “patients” nor bill insurance. Therefore, MedPhysicals Plus, LLC do not fall under the definition of a “protected entity” under the HIPPA rule.

Rest assured, all information pertaining to your order is handled with the utmost care and privacy and is very important to us.

MedPhysicals Plus, LLC does not sell or distribute our clients’ email addresses or contact information.

Your Billing Information:

At MedPhysicals Plus, LLC, we ask for the minimal amount of information possible to process your payment with your personal debit or credit card. We do not retain your credit card information after processing your transaction. MedPhysicals Plus, LLC does not share any billing information with third parties.