Comprehensive TPA Services for Employers: Streamline Your Workplace Health Management with MedPhysicals Plus

Ever wish you had a magic wand to handle all the paperwork and admin tasks so you could focus on what you do best? That’s where a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) comes in! A TPA can help businesses manage their DOT or non-DOT random programs, drug and alcohol testing, and clearinghouse reporting.

At MedPhysicals Plus, we offer a wide range of comprehensive employer health and occupational services designed to keep your workforce healthy and productive. As a TPA, we handle the essential tasks, ensuring your employees are fit for work, so you can focus on your business’s magic.

Our Services

We provide various services to address your company’s health needs, including:

Statewide Reach, Convenience, and Professional Expertise

We serve businesses across Alaska with offices in Anchorage, Wasilla, and Fairbanks, and our services are also available in remote communities. We offer mobile options to meet you wherever you need us, providing same-day appointments, short wait times, and 24-hour post-collection services exclusively for our clients for timely and efficient care. As a women and minority-owned business with over ten years of experience in drug testing and blood drawing, MedPhysicals Plus ensures top-notch services with a team of professionals who are part of several industry-specific and local associations.

How Our Services Benefit Your Company

By partnering with MedPhysicals Plus, your company can:

  • Improve Workplace Safety: Regular drug and alcohol testing help maintain a safe work environment.
  • Ensure Compliance: Meet regulatory requirements with our DOT and occupational health services.
  • Enhance Employee Health: Comprehensive health programs and wellness initiatives promote a healthier workforce.
  • Increase Productivity: Healthy employees are more productive and take fewer sick days.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: With mobile services and multiple locations, we provide the flexibility your business needs.

Get in Touch

Explore our services or contact us at (907) 561-7587 today to learn how MedPhysicals Plus can assist you in keeping your business and employees healthy and thriving. We strive not only to meet but to surpass our clients’ expectations, aiming for excellence in everything we do.

Save time, reduce costs, and enhance your business efficiency with MedPhysicals Plus.