Navigating the Icy Frontier: Top winter weather driving tips for truckers

Alaska is the biggest state in the country, but many parts of it are very hard to get to in the winter. Nevertheless, the trucking business is very important to Alaska’s economy.

Driving in snow on ice: Alaska’s unique challenge

As driving in damp, snowy, and icy conditions necessitates increased vigilance and proficiency, it is critical to review winter driving techniques. Consider these winter driving safety tips for truck drivers this year in order to maintain your personal safety while on the road.

Top winter weather driving tips for truckers:

  • See and be seen – You need to be extra careful on the road when it’s hard to see what’s around you. Stay alert!
  • Be cautious on slick surfaces – It’s important to know when and where to be extra careful because some areas get slippery faster than others.
  • Make use of defensive driving – On slippery roads, one of the best ways to stay safe is to drive defensively. Remember, though, that cautious driving means giving the right of way to the driver who is wrong.

Additional suggestions for driving in inclement weather as a commercial driver:

  • Be aware of black ice.
  • Avoid risk by staying in truck if conditions are too harsh. Your safety is more important than any shipment, always.
    • Use your best judgment, and if it doesn’t feel safe call your manager and stay in the truck.
    • “According to the Surface Transportation Assistance Act (or STAA), if weather conditions become too severe, you have the right to refuse driving. When your life is put at risk, it is better to seize all driving than to push forward.”
  • Remember, if your truck or commercial vehicle is empty this can be more dangerous.
  • Be light on the breaks and accelerator, and keep extra space. Patience is a lifesaver.

In cold Alaska, where the landscape is beautiful, but dangerous, having a handle on driving in winter weather is paramount. 

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