Boss Day and Filipino-American History Month 2023 Meet the Women Behind this Alaska Business

October is known for many things in the U.S., like Halloween and colder, darker nights. Did you also know it is Filipino American Heritage Month and Boss Day? Guess what else… MedPhysicals’ boss is Filipino American! So are some of our other incredible staff members. In this celebration post, we plan on telling more of the back story of Jessica, sharing a fun recipe you can try, and also sharing some videos of what Filipino-American traits help our team at work. 

In a previous blog on Jessica’s story here we discuss how Alaska is home to about 720,763 people, and of these individuals, 8% of them are immigrants. The largest group of immigrants hail from the Philippines, making up 32% of all immigrants. A large part of the Filipino community in Alaska work in health care and education. One of those Filipino-Americans we want to highlight is Jessica Roley. Roley immigrated from the Philippines in April of 1988. She is the Owner and Director of Operations of MedPhysicals Plus, LLC (MPP).  MedPhysicals is a health information company based in Anchorage that opened in 2012. MedPhysicals offers individual lab appointments with no doctor notes needed and serves like a concierge for employers wishing to do safety testing and other services. It is a 100% minority- and women-owned business. 

The Boss’ Favorite Dish Tinola 

Source: Knorr Philippines


What Filipino-American trait helps the team at work?