Employee Safety: Post Accident Collection in 2023 What To Do

Accidents cannot be predicted, but having a trusted employer service company by your side can provide peace of mind. We understand that safety doesn’t end when an accident occurs; it’s where post-accident collection begins.

What is post-accident collection?

Post-accident collection, often referred to as post-incident drug and alcohol testing, is a process where employees involved in workplace accidents are tested for drugs or alcohol. The goal is to determine if substance use could have been a factor in the accident.


What should I do as an employer?

Source: Drug Free Business


The DOT mandates post-accident drug testing for drivers in several scenarios. These include instances when there’s a human fatality resulting from the accident, when any individual involved requires medical treatment away from the accident’s location, or when the driver receives a citation for a moving violation. Moreover, if an accident results in a vehicle being so damaged that it cannot be driven off the scene and the driver is issued a citation for a moving violation, drug testing is also mandated. (Drug Free Business).


Post-accident collection is a time sensitive matter. For instance, alcohol can leave the body rapidly. The employer should immediately collect samples to determine whether or not this was the cause of the accident. After 32 hours, samples can no longer be accepted. This is different for each drug. While MedPhysicals currently provides after-hours collection services only for existing clients, the company’s supervisor should contact the drug screen collection company as soon as an accident occurs to request a legitimate sample.  


Depending on the situation, a hair, urine, breath, or blood sample may be needed. Contact us to discuss each scenario. MedPhysicals Plus recommends having a plan in place and a post-accident collection clause or section in your drug-free workplace policy. Several industries, especially those that require high levels of caution and safety, require a plan like this.  Trust MedPhysicals Plus to be your guiding partner in this journey. Reach out today and let us help you safeguard your team’s well-being and regulations.