Productivity in the Workplace and the Flu

How many people are on this earth? Since the last official count, it has been 7.8 billion. Does that seem like a lot? What about 7 billion dollars?

The Centers for Disease Control estimate that seasonal flu epidemics lead to an economic burden of $10.4 billion due to direct expenses from hospital stays and outpatient appointments. This figure doesn’t encompass the indirect financial impact stemming from decreased productivity and missed workdays. As per, one research indicates that every flu season sees a loss of 111 million workdays because of flu-induced absences, translating to a productivity loss of roughly $7 billion each year (Challenger and Gray).


The flu can impact your workplace negatively, but the devastating impact of the flu can be curbed by offering vaccinations on site! 


Office morale and productivity have been proven to be linked time and time again. The flu can hurt office morale, which further impacts your office productivity. Also, employees who come into work when they are sick are not performing at peak levels. This reduces their productivity and slows down team members who are in contact with them. The flu can have a ripple effect, since it is highly contagious. One employee coming in can cause other employees to get sick, causing several employees to have to take off, instead of just insisting on one employee going home in the first place. The flu also has indirect and direct effects on the mental health of employees, further decreasing productivity. 

Businesses that prioritize the health of their employees stand to gain in terms of morale, productivity, and overall efficiency. As the saying goes, “A healthy team is a productive team.” By taking preemptive steps, businesses can not only weather the flu season but emerge stronger and more resilient. Contact us today at (907) 561-7587 to get started on a custom employee flu program. Flu vaccinations can run out and expire. Stay prepared by contacting us before October 1st to ensure your team can be healthy and productive this winter.