Employee Wellness and Productivity: Exploring the Connection

Highly engaged teams demonstrate a remarkable 21% increase in profitability and significantly lower rates of employee turnover and absenteeism. What makes a team highly engaged? Wellness helps. There are different categories of wellness from physical, mental, social, and economical. All should be considered when making your plan for ‘employee wellness’. 

Numbers talk!

Here are some statistics summarized in this report by the nonprofit Health Enhancement Research Organization.

  • 70% of respondents invest in health and wellness as part of their business strategy. (Aon Hewitt, 2012)
  • Organizational performance increased 2.5 times in organizations with well-managed health and wellness programs. (Right Management, 2009)

Yet, “less than a quarter of business leaders indicated employee health and well-being as a top driver [of productivity and company success].”

Case Study American Express

American Express studied thousands of employees for 2 years and this is what they found: 

“In order to provide exceptional customer service, we need to have engaged employees.” To assess engagement, Dr. Burton’s team added a set of questions to the HRA. Two years of results are in, and they have found that healthier employees are more engaged.

So, most people agree it is important, but many cannot decide how to implement employee wellness successfully to yield these results. 

Here are some tips on Employee Wellness Programs:

  • Health and Dental
    • If you are able to provide programs for insurance to provide peace of mind to employees. Many insurance companies offer matching programs where you and the employer can split the cost instead of bearing it alone. 
  • Stipends for childcare and elderly care. Many people are watching children, and even their parents and family members who need additional assistance. Don’t limit the care to a certain age.
  • Don’t require people to attend any activities and make them sparingly. If you are going to have a team Yoga class or a health workshop do so occasionally. Even if not required people may feel they need to go, just to show their face rather than actually wanting to. 
  • Ask! Maybe paying off student loans is important, maybe a cleaning service is therapy, maybe mental health support is the therapy. Ask employees to choose from 1-3 benefits that would best support their wellness. 

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