Fairbanks Friday Featuring Jaleyne Gesin: Working in Lab Testing and Occupational Health in Fairbanks

Nestled in the heart of Alaska lies the city of Fairbanks, a bustling hub of commerce and culture. This beautiful city is home to one of MedPhysicals Plus’ locations, a leading provider of drug testing, employer services, DOT physicals, and individual blood and lab testing. We are proud to call Fairbanks home, and today we’re excited to speak to one of our employees, Jaleyne, who was born and raised in Alaska, to learn more about what it’s like to work and live in this unique and beautiful city. From its stunning natural surroundings to its vibrant community, Fairbanks has a lot to offer, and we’re excited to share our insider’s perspective with you.

MedPhysicals Plus is an Alaska-based provider of a wide range of medical services, with options for individuals and businesses. Our comprehensive drug testing services include pre-employment, random, and post-accident drug testing, as well as drug testing for DOT compliance. We offer work physicals and DOT physicals for those who are employed or who are looking to get involved with the Department of Transportation. We also offer a variety of employer services, including wellness programs, occupational health services, and on-site drug testing. For individuals, we provide blood and lab testing services, including STD testing, cholesterol screening, and diabetes testing. Jaleyne works in our Fairbanks office, performing the comprehensive list of services described above. 

Jaleyne’s favorite part of working in Fairbanks is enthusing with the locals about their shared favorite hobbies; she often takes advantage of Fairbanks beautiful nature with activities such as camping, snow machining, and four wheeling. She reflects on some of the greatest challenges Fairbanks residents can experience, and it all boils down to… the winter! Temperatures can get below 50 Fahrenheit, cars can’t start, businesses need to close, and dangerous car and structural accidents can happen. Jaleyne notes how depression and feelings of suicide can soar in communities such as Fairbanks, where it is dark, and cold all the time. However, she notes that “Fairbanks makes its own light.” This is both literally and metaphorically done through oil pan heaters, and “happy lights.” They are a resilient and resourceful group of people, who certainly earn their 90 days of non-stop sunshine in the summer season. 

Jaleyne describes some local festivals, events, and traditions for our readers.

“Here in Fairbanks, we celebrate what’s called Golden Days! Golden Days is the celebration of when the Gold Rush happened and the miners ‘struck gold.’ During this event, there are parades where everyone dresses up in old time cowboy outfits and floozy dresses. They have a carnival at the park called “Pioneer Park,” where you can walk through the original cabins the settlers and miners lived in and learn about how they lived back then! Another fun event held is the ‘Midnight Sun Festivities’. Fairbanks holds the ‘Midnight Sun Run’, where we run a 5K marathon starting at 10 p.m. at night until midnight to raise money for the community! They also hold the ‘Midnight Sun Carnival,’ where they have booths full of locally made products, homemade food, and games as an activity for kids of all ages. They also usually have a local band play, and all this happens under the midnight sun!” Although a lot of fun happens in the summer, many people from around the world trek to Fairbanks to witness the beautiful Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, as well. This is another favorite of Jaleyne. 

Jaleyne elaborates on the industries most prominent in the area, which include oil, construction, and trucking jobs. Many of these jobs are high-paying but dangerous. Jaleyne is committed to protecting these workers through occupational health and safety practices. There are a variety of locally owned businesses in tourism, fashion, food, beverage, and, of course, health information and lab services. 

With the tight-knit community and variety of local businesses, volunteerism and servant leadership are essential. Jaleyen notes, “In Fairbanks, we have many volunteer groups, Which I am involved in, that come together to make warm weather hats, gloves, scarves, and blankets for the families and homeless in need. We have some very helpful homeless shelters here that provide warm homes and programs to help people get back on their feet. We have many events that raise money for families that have gone through horrible trauma or loss. We have a wide variety of businesses that raise money for scholarships or schools in need in the rural Alaskan Native communities.” 

So, next time, skip the search for DOT physicals in Fairbanks, drug testing, or COVID testing near me and just give us a call. Mention Jaleyne to receive 10% off any of our Fairbanks offered services. Our team of qualified medical professionals can perform these physicals and provide the necessary documentation for DOT compliance. We also offer a range of DOT employer services, including drug and alcohol testing programs, compliance assistance, and audit preparation, to help businesses maintain compliance with DOT regulations. If you didn’t get enough here, check out our article on things to do when visiting Fairbanks here, or learn more about who needs a DOT physical here.

Jaleyne closes with this: “Fairbanks is evolving quickly. We started out as a small town with little to offer other than remote land and very small shopping centers, but now we have big brand stores with more options for making living here more comfortable. Fairbanks is evolving into a bigger city feel, with the option to still live remotely and own lots of land away from the hustle and bustle. My hope is that Fairbanks grows into a bigger city to offer more activities and adventures for families and newcomers!”