Everything You Need to Know About the DOT (Department of Transportation) Physical

Everything You Need to Know About the DOT

If you remember sitting in the classroom taking the GRE, the SAT or another test you can remember that exams are very stressful. Physical exams can be daunting but MedPhysicals Plus offers DOT physicals at our Anchorage location. These exams can be done with a same-day appointment and no doctor’s order needed. Save time and money and protect your employees by utilizing our services this month.

Who needs a DOT Physical?

Approximately 6 to 7 million commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers are required by law to comply with FMCSA physical qualification standards (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). There are many industries that require this physical, especially in the commercial vehicle profession. You may need a DOT physical if you:

  • have a combined gross vehicle weight or weight rating of 10,001 lbs. or more. 
  • or more and are engaged in interstate commerce
  • Carry hazardous materials
  • Are paid to drive a vehicle that carries more than 8 people or in some cases 9

What is a part of the DOT Physical?

  • Drug test history (failure or otherwise) urinalysis
  • Smoking habits including but not limited to tobacco use
  • Surgery records
  • Medication
  • Physical ability 
  • Blood test
  • Hearing test
  • Vision test

This test is for the safety of the driver as this is a profession that requires long hours on the road. Certain medications people take can make them drowsy and it can be dangerous for them to operate large commercial vehicles, regardless of their desire to be employed in this line of work. For the safety of other drivers on the road, your fellow workers, and yourself it is critical that you take this physical seriously and complete the answers honestly.

How often do you need this test?

Depending on factors such as your certification type it can vary but the maximum length you can be certified for is 2 years.


How to combat the sedentary Lifestyle of truck driving 


According to the FMCSA the average driver is overweight, smoker, at risk for heart disease, and is a male. There is a lot of stress associated with this job as well with long hours, important cargo, excessive noise, and traffic to name a few. The average truck driver is driving 500 miles a day.


Keep these things handy in your car:

  • A good pair of running/walking shoes and put them on walk around the parking lot for 30-45 minutes when at a truck stop
  • Healthy snacks in the car as you may not have access to things such as fresh fruit on the pathway. 
  • Water. It may be easier said than done. Keep enough water in the vehicle at all times.

Bonus: Call loved ones while on breaks or if you had a tough ride. 


DOT Physicals can be upwards of 200 dollars, but MedPhysicals Plus offers them for only 175 and can ensure your safe and secure certification with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism guaranteed. Mention code “MPP blog” to receive 20 dollars off your DOT physical now and between June 1st 2023.