Our doctors perform at-home medical exams if needed.
What is an Insurance Exam?
Simply put, it’s a convenient health evaluation used to assist you and the insurance professionals.

An Insurance Exam is required by insurance companies to assist them in issuing life, health, disability or long term care insurance policies. The Insurance Exam is nothing more than a visit from a medical professional who will ask applicants health related questions, obtain height, weight, pulse and blood pressure reading, possibly collect a blood and urine sample; and at times perform a resting EKG. This can all take place at the location of applicant’s choice – their home, place of work or at the paramedical provider’s office. The services depend on the insurance companies’ guidelines – based on age, the amount and type of policy applied for. The medical information is confidential and released only to the insurance company’s medical underwriting department.

When paramedical services are required, insurance agents provide the paramedical companies with the names and phone numbers of applicants. The paramedical companies then call the applicant and set up medical exams appointment for the most convenient time and location. Insurance companies may also request a specific appointment date and time on behalf of their client, but the client will have the choice of where and when to be visited.

What is an Insurance Exam? Simply put, it’s a convenient health exam used to assist you in obtaining a life, health, disability or long term care insurance.

MedPhysicals Plus, LLC looks forward to making your Insuarance Exam experience simple, quick and convenient.


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