What is National Safety Week 2023?


One week can set your organization up for success for the next 365 days! Check out this blog post, and at the bottom there is a handout that is free to download. Simply enter your email and get set up for success with this 5 minute exercise. Make it an icebreaker during your next team meeting or conduct it with your leadership team. 


Safety Week, also known as Safe + Sound Week, is an annual event hosted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that brings together employers and employees to emphasize the importance of workplace safety and health. 


Safety Week allows companies of all sizes to evaluate and improve their safety procedures. Employers increase awareness of potential hazards and preventive measures through events, training, and seminars. It’s a week to provide workers with the skills they need to keep the workplace safe.


Companies can demonstrate their employee safety commitment during Safety Week. Organizations show their commitment to safety by attending and arranging safety activities. This commitment builds trust and loyalty among employees, which makes them happier at work and more productive.


Safety Week should be a year-round mindset. Employers and employees must prioritize workplace safety and well-being. Safety Week events and discussions can help make workplaces safer.


 Join us in integrating safety into our everyday routines, encouraging open dialogue about safety concerns, and actively promoting a safe and secure company!


Together, we can make workplaces better and protect our employees, who are the most important thing we have. 


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