Fun facts about hearing and the ears

Most people have me. Some people use me. I react to waves. What am I… 

Do you know the answer yet? If not, lend me your ear. 

Have you heard any interesting facts about hearing and the anatomy of the human ear? 

Ears are two of the most amazing structures in the human body. Here are some fun facts about hearing and the ears that will surprise you and that you probably never knew.


Source: Cleveland Clinic

  1. Your ears contain the three smallest bones in the human body: the malleus, incus, and stapes. Together, these bones work to transmit sound vibrations to the brain. Breaking one of these bones can result in conductive hearing loss – a common type of hearing loss.
  2. Ears help the body maintain equilibrium. The inner ear contains fluid that sends signals to the brain about your body’s position and movement and helps you maintain balance.
  3. Ears are always working. Your ears never stop hearing, even while you’re asleep. You can never “turn off” your ears. Your ears will always hear and process sound, regardless of your state. Thus, your ears never get a day off!

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