Walk-In Blood Labs Near Me

Need a Walk-in Blood Labs “near me?”

If your doctor orders a lab test or blood draw that can’t be done in his or her office, MedPhysicals Plus has an on-site lab to test blood, perform urinalysis, and complete other standard lab work requests.

Walk-in Blood Labs near me Anchorage Alaska

Walk-in Blood Labs Anchorage Alaska

* We don't require a doctors referral to conduct many lab tests.

State-of-the-Art Blood Work Labs near me.

The state-of-the-art lab at MedPhysicals Plus is equipped to handle on-site drug testing as well as a range of medical tests.

You can simply walk into the office during lab hours to have our trained on-site staff draw blood and collect samples for diagnostic tests.  Convenience, low-cost pricing is what we offer to clients with high- deductible insurance, no insurance/self-pay and those with limited time.

We also offer seasonal and common vaccination services along with Vitamin B and Super B shots.

DNA Tests: When You Need to Know

When you need to prove a family relation to stay in the country or if you want to know for sure if you are a parent, DNA testing is what you need. MedPhysicals Plus offers paternity tests, maternity tests, immigration tests, and ancestry tests.

Learn more about our DNA tests.

Special Introductory Price
CMP, CBC & Lipid Profile $75.00*

*Regularly $99.  Good through March 2019.
*Seniors 65 + Special applies all year long!

A simple blood test can save your life!
No need to wait for the next health fair season.
We offer health-fair prices all year long!

Is there a walk-in blood lab near me?

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