Need a Walk-in Blood Work Labs “near me?”

MedPhysicals Plus lab services offer direct-to-consumer priced lab tests so individuals are empowered to monitor their health and their finances at the same time!  Blood tests are performed by the same certified laboratory that your doctor’s office may be utilizing – except that we have the ability to offer lower prices.

Walk-in Blood Labs near me Anchorage Alaska
Walk-in Blood Work Labs Anchorage Alaska

* We don’t require a doctors referral to conduct many lab tests.

Our clients are people who are in need of low-cost laboratory testing because they lack insurance, have high deductible health plans, their insurance won’t cover certain lab tests they need, they need results very quickly and can’t wait for a medical appointment, or simply that they like the convenience of our service and our low cost for testing.

We also offer seasonal and common vaccination services along with Vitamin B and Super B shots.

DNA Tests: When You Need to Know

When you need to prove a family relation to stay in the country or if you want to know for sure if you are a parent, DNA testing is what you need. MedPhysicals Plus offers paternity tests, maternity tests, immigration tests, and ancestry tests.

Learn more about our DNA tests.

Health & Wellness Panel
 CMP, CBC & Lipid Profile $99.00*

*Seniors 65 + Special price of $75 all year long!

A simple blood test can save your life!
No need to wait for the next health fair season.
We offer affordable blood tests all year long!

Is there a walk-in blood work lab near me?

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