Nail Drug Testing


MedPhysicals Plus in Anchorage conducts nail drug testing

MedPhysicals Plus in Anchorage conducts nail drug testing

Why nail drug testing?

A nail drug test is a non-intrusive way to obtain an accurate history of an individual’s previous drug use.

How does nail drug testing work?

When a person uses drugs, the drugs spread throughout the person’s body affecting almost every body system. As the drugs metabolize they continue to spread throughout the body through the bloodstream. Drugs can be identified in nail clippings two to four weeks following ingestion. A 3-millimeter specimen of fingernail or toenail represents up to eight months of collective history of drug exposure. One of these places is inside the fingernails and toenails. By analyzing a person’s fingernails for these trace indicators, one can determine whether the person has used drugs within the last several months or not. Nail testing is available as a 5 or 10 panel.

How long does it take?

MedPhysicals Plus, LLC always conducts its nail drug testing with unparalleled speed and accuracy. You will be surprised how quick the sample collection process is and how rapidly you get your nail drug testing results. Whether you need court-admissible drug results as part of a court proceeding or quick, personal results for private reasons, you can count on MPP to get you results, quickly, accurately, and effortlessly.

More about MPP Services

MPP conducts in-office and mobile drug and alcohol testing services for students, private individuals and employers for pre-employment, employment, DOT and court-order purposes. We are a full drug and alcohol testing company. We offer walk-in drug and alcohol testing and work with qualified collection sites nationwide with the use of DHHS certified laboratories.

We will manage your Anchorage Employer Drug Screens for you.

Our services include: DOT and non-DOT onsite and mobile drug testing, after hours drug testing, and random drug testing that include suspicious behavior drug screens, hair drug testing, third party administrator drug testing and court-ordered drug testing.

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