We are the #1 Mobile Phlebotomy Service in Anchorage, Alaska

Mobile Phlebotomy Service in ANCHORAGE

Our mobile phlebotomy service is a unique service that brings direct blood collection services right to your door. Our top priority is to provide you with a reliable, discreet and courteous service from well-trained professionals.

Our phlebotomist will ensure that the area in which the blood is being collected is properly sanitized and secure. We also take special precaution to make sure samples are correctly labeled, stored and prepared for transport.

Medphysicals Plus is convenient. We will travel to your home, office, hotel or designated location.

What is a Mobile Phlebotomy Service?

Mobile phlebotomy services are used when a person needs a sample of their blood, but are unable to get to the hospital, clinic, or lab on their own.

Mobile phlebotomy services include; collecting of blood samples from an individual. The blood draw has to be carefully done in a hygienic environment and all equipment used has to be sterile. Identification and labeling of the samples collected are handled following strict HIPPA Compliance Measures.

Our mobile phlebotomists perform body measurement tests, including blood pressure, height, weight, and heart rate.

In essence, if you cannot make it to the phlebotomist, our phlebotomist will drive to you.

Who benefits from a Mobile Phlebotomy Service?

Parents With Young Children

A family with small children might prefer the convince of a phlebotomist coming to their home instead of dealing with the hassle of finding childcare or carting children along to a lab or hospital. Having someone come to you for required tests can be a lifesaver when young kids are in the picture.

The Elderly

Elderly patients can greatly benefit from the convenience of our mobile phlebotomy services. No matter if you are living in a nursing home, hospice, or simply unable to leave the home. Our mobile phlebotomist makes it easier for those who have a hard time traveling.  

People with Severe Illnesses

Individuals who need regular blood testing, like diabetics or cancer patients, may find frequent hospital visits tiresome and would call for a mobile phlebotomist.

Companies with Wellness Programs

Companies that offer wellness programs often utilize a mobile phlebotomist service to administer blood tests on employees who have signed up for a wellness program.  This saves both the company and its employee time and money.  It also allows employers to get a better picture of the overall health of their employees.  If you are interested in learning more,  MedPhysicals Plus partners with insurance companies, national health and wellness providers and employers to manage corporate health and wellness programs

Mobile phlebotomy services are the perfect solution for a large variety of patients. If you think that you or your business could benefit from mobile phlebotomy service, contact MedPhysicals Plus today. We look forward to helping you take charge of your health!