Our doctors in North Carolina perform at-home physicals if needed
Our North Carolina Medical Billing Service allows the medical examiner to focus on his or her business and do what they do best, perform exams.

North Carolina

MedPhysicals Plus, LLC provides medical billing services in North Carolina for examiners who have direct business. As a paramedical broker, MedPhysicals Plus, LLC has established strategic partnerships with most national paramedical companies as a third-party and direct medical biller.

MedPhysicals Plus, LLC is a full service medical billing company in North Carolina

Teaming up with a paramedical broker like MedPhysicals Plus, LLC (MPP) is the quickest and most effective way to grow YOUR business. Expanding your CHOICE to include service AND making a good living as a paramedical examiner is what we offer you. A strategic partnership with MPP enables YOU (the examiner) to continue to do what you do best – perform exams!

Let MPP do all the administrative work and medical billing services for you. Contact us today for more information. Call our National Recruiting Manager, Doug Halbach @ (901)409-5517 or email him at dough@medphysicalsplus.com.



North Carolina Direct Paramedical Examiner and Direct Paramedical Billing for Medical Examiners

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